Customer Care & Billing
Terminus Customer Care & Billing System Modules

Terminus Customer Care & Billing system (TERMINUSCCB) is a truly integrated billing and CRM system. It is developed for Next Generation Telecom/Utility Applications. The system generates one bill for all services (voice, data, video, SMS, content) and billing for fixed and rental services (installation, support, maintenance, equipment, security services, web hosting, collocation).

TerminusCCB is able to charge any kind of subscriber (consumer, corporate etc.) for any kind of service (voice, data, SMS, video, etc.) on any kind of network (GSM/CDMA, VOIP, PSTN) at any point of time

One platform for Retail Corporate, Prepaid Calling Card and Wholesale Interconnect billing.

Main features of the Terminus Customer Care & Billing System are as follows:

Services Management
  • Voice (GSM, CDMA, Fixed Line, VoIP, etc.)
  • Data (GPRS, WiMax, ADSL, Wi-Fi, Dialup, etc.)
  • Video (IP TV, VOD etc)
  • Utility (Electricity etc)
  • Additional Services like monthly services, Installation and support services etc
  • A Service has its Subscription, Recurring and Usage based Charges
  • A Service has default Technical Profile (Specially for data services)
  • Free Minutes against a Service
  • Primary and Backup Service definition
  • Demo or Free of Cost Service Definition
  • Rental Service definition
Product & Packages Management
  • Product Brand Name Management
  • Product Expiry Management
  • Package Management
  • Rate Customization of Services at Package Level
  • Package can be Opened and Closed. In Open Package, Services can be individually assigned to subscribers and in Close Package, default services of a package will be assigned to subscribers
Recurring Charges Definition
  • Rate Customization at Service Level, Package Level and Subscriber Level
  • Rating Cycle Management (Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly)
  • Advance Rating
  • Pro-rata based Rating
  • Rating from Future Date
Complex rate plans supported
  • A-Z Rate Management
  • Prefixes Management
  • Service Number Rating
  • Toll Free Rating
  • Premier Number Rating
  • Peak/Off Peak, Holidays Rate
  • Route based Rating
Customer, Account & subscriber Management
  • Customer Management and classification based one business value and industry type
  • One or More than one Accounts under one Customer
  • Account can be billed as an individual or can be billed to its customer
  • One or more than one Subscribers under one Account
  • Subscriber Provisioning on network
  • MDN/DID assignment
  • CPE Assignment
  • Subscriber provisioning in network like HLR/SoftSwitch etc
  • Subscriber activation and deactivation w.r.t. credit
  • Subscriber Account expiration
  • Subscriber life cycle management
  • Assignments of one or more than one Service to a subscriber
  • Provisioning of Services assigned to a subscriber in network
Credit Control Management
  • Account and Customer Level Payments
  • Payment Mode (cash, cheque, credit card, etc.) and Payment Types like Registration, Usage or Equipment Sale
  • Credit Note and Debit Note Management
  • PDF based Receipt of Payments and Credit Notes
  • Bulk Invoice Generation
  • Bulk Invoice Printing (PDF or direct to printer)
  • Payment Posting against invoice line items
  • Reversal of a Posting
  • Discounts Management
  • Transfer Credit from one account to other
  • Recharge account with prepaid voucher
  • Account Billing Cycle Managements
  • Account Level and Service Level Balance Management
  • Account Level and Service Level Blocking Policies
Fixed Number Inventory Management
  • Reservation of Numbers
  • Number classification like silver, gold diamond etc
  • Reservation security with password
  • Fixed number history management
  • Inventory reports
Network Element Management
  • Network Elements information
  • Access Information
  • Vendor Dictionary information
  • Network Profile Management
Prepaid Card Management
  • Voucher Generation
  • Voucher activation
  • Voucher sale management
  • Card Expiry management
  • Card Activation and Deactivation
Subscriber Self Care
  • Three level of access, Customer, Account and Subscriber
  • Usage Information
  • Payment & Invoices Information
  • Personal information
  • Additional Services Activation and deactivation
Sales Franchisee Management
  • Security Management for Franchisee
  • Online interface
  • Online subscriber provisioning, payment etc
  • Franchisee Balance Management
  • Credit Note / Debt Note Management
  • Franchisee Commission based on different services Management
Currency Management
  • System Base Currency
  • Conversion Rates of different Currencies against system base currency
  • Invoice generation in different Currencies
Geographical region management
  • Countries
  • States
  • Regions
  • Cities
  • Locations in a City
System Security
  • User Name / Password
  • IP Based Access Level
  • Tasks based Access